Angriest Man In Brooklyn, The

Robin Williams, Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage

Some people have bad days. Henry Altmann has one every day.
Always unhappy and angry at the world including everyone in it, Henry sits impatiently
at the doctor’s office when he is finally seen by Dr. Sharon Gill. Sharon, who is enduring
her own bad day, reveals that Henry has a brain aneurysm and only 90 minutes to live.
Henry struggles with his diagnosis, determined to make amends with everyone he has
hurt in his life.

LOADS OF LAUGHS RATED: 14A RUN TIME: 83 mins Available on DVD & Blu-ray

Cuban Fury

Nick Frost, Chris O’Dowd, Rashida Jones

1987: 13-year-old Bruce Garrett, a natural born salsa dancer is perfectly
poised to clinch the title at the UK Junior Salsa Championships. But a freakish bullying
incident robs him of his sequins and his confidence. 25 years later, an adult Bruce Garrett,
finds himself out-of-shape, unloved and emotionally inert – trapped in a downward spiral
of self pity. It takes Julia, his smart, funny, gorgeous new American boss, to force him to
confront the demons of his past and re-examine his passionless existence.

LOADS OF LAUGHS RATED: 14A RUN TIME: 98 mins Available on DVD


Michelle Monaghan, Radha Mitchell, Michael Weston

After years of struggling to conceive with her husband, Lizzie has given
up hope of having a baby on her own. But when her best friend Andie finds herself
pregnant after a one-night stand, an unexpected solution arises: Andie offers to have the
baby and give it to Lizzie. The couple agrees to the plan, on one condition: Andie must
move in with them for the duration of the pregnancy. But can the women’s friendship
survive until birth?